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    Doc i came a tear ago with my daghter private to your office in medical center do to nyropathy of hers.she also suffers from diabetis +carpel tannel sindrum acute
    .bwe came to you because she also has sever headakes+pain in arms hands zeramim constantly.emg showed acute in hand and radilopathy in feet.she also has sensations in her feet foot drop and tingling or other unpleasent feelings in her feet and hands +weekness of foot or hand we came to you privately….you s
    You suggested Mri but it took a long time to recieve the hitchivut and then a long time to recieve a nwear because of waiting kist.finally we have done the neck mri.we need your fax number in order to send you the results..please let me know how we can reach your attention we are concerned it isnt tareshet .how can we send you our results is this the reason for her oiropathy she has a naroowing of tealat shidra because of beka and beinony and there is a "hachmara"in plekazia what does it mean it says more stuff we need you rfax number please send it urgently im so conserned to my daghters mail

    דר רון דבי
    מנהל בפורום

    Please send the results to fax: 0732599099
    Mention: To Dr Dabby

מוצגות 2 תגובות – 1 עד 2 (מתוך 2 סה״כ)
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